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COURSE INFO PROVIDER: Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education & Research, Inc.
COURSE TITLE: Basic Wetland Delineator Training

Michael Whited

COURSE DESCRIPTION This four-day course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in the field applying the methods and getting critiqued by the instructor and their peers. Taught by regional experts in plant identification, hydric soil recognition, and wetland delineation, you will learn how to analyze vegetation patterns, recognize hydric soils and separate them from nonhydric soils –essential skills for wetland identification and boundary delineation. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts and methods in lectures and through field exercises. During the course, students will be spend approximately two days of time in the field learning how to determine the presence or absence of hydrophytic vegetation, hydric soils, and wetland hydrology indicators and to use these indicators to identify and delineate wetlands following federal methods. The instructors will demonstrate sampling techniques and guide students through the steps in conducting wetland delineations. Students will work in groups to identify wetlands and delineate their boundaries. Their work will be evaluated by the instructors and their peers.

Focusing on the use of the Corps Wetlands Delineation manual and the latest regional supplement, there will also be a discussion of key differences between this manual and state methods, where appropriate. Students will receive information on where to obtain the latest regulatory guidance regarding jurisdictional questions (e.g., isolated wetlands and Rapanos). The fee includes all course materials – the Corps of Engineers manual; the regional supplement; Regional Wetland Plant List, and additional information relevant to making wetland determinations plus a hardbound copy of "Wetland Indicators" (Tiner, 1999) – a college textbook providing a comprehensive review of the science behind wetland delineation, various delineation methodologies, and aids to wetland identification.

Students successfully completing this program will be awarded a "certificate of training."

Credit Points: 2.1

SYLLABUS/TOPICAL OUTLINE View or download the outline here: IFWEERILM73-022_SecV_6850.pdf

Barbara Tiner
PO Box 612, Leverett, MA 01054
P: 413-441-3708


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