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Certification Committees

2016/2017 Executive Board

President John Lowenthal, PWS
Secretary General   Robbyn Myers, PWS
Treasurer Yvonne M. Vallette, PWS
Immediate Past President Robbyn Myers, PWS

Standing Committees

Certification Standards Committee

John Lowenthal Committee Chair
Barry Warner, Ph.D., PWS, 2013-2016
Janet Morlan, PWS 2012-2015
Mallory Gilbert, PWS, 2013-2016
Robert D. Shannon, Ph.D., PWS, 2015-2018
Patrick M. Frost, PWS, 2015-2018
Kurt R. Philipp, Ph.D., PWS, 2015-2018
R. Harold Jones,

Certification Review Panel

Rob Shannon, PWS, Panel Chair, 2015-2018
Gregg Antemann, PWS, 2016-2019
Stephen W. Chu, PWS, 2016–2019
Leandra Cleveland, PWS, 2015-2018
David Davis, PWS, 2015-2018
Karla Gallina, PWS, 2014-2017
Ingeborg Hegemann, PWS, 2016-2019
Gary R. Pritts, PWS, 2014-2017
James A. Thomas, PWS, 2015-2018

Certification Appeals Board

Allan M. Hale, Ph.D., PWS 2011-2014
Rhodes Robinson, PWS 2011-2014

Certification Renewal Committee

Patrick M. Frost, PWS, Committee Chair 2012-2015
Vikki Jackson, PWS, 2014-2017
Robert J. Jontos, PWS, 2014-2017
William Kirchner, PWS, 2014-2017
David G. Purkerson, PWS, 2012-2015
Amy W. Rollins, PWS, 2012-2015
D. J. Silverberg, PWS, 2012-2015

Outreach Committee

Yvonne Vallette, PWS, Committee Chair 2011-2014
Scott W. Jecker, CWB, PWS, 2011-2014
C. Mirth Walker, PWS, 2011-2014

Ethics Committee

Matthew Schweisberg, Committee Chair 2016-2018
Leandra Cleveland, 2014-2015
Patrick M. Frost, PWS, 2012-2015
Allan Hale, PWS, 2011-2014
Amy W. Rollins, PWS, 2012-2015
Barry Warner, Ph.D., PWS, 2013-2016

Nomination Committee

William Kirchner, PWS, 2012-2015
Leandra Cleveland, PWS, 2014-2015
Charles Newling, PWS, 2011-2014


Elizabeth P. Binney, Ph.D., PWS, 2011-2014

SWS SWSPCP Representative

Scott Jecker, PWS

Public Member

Jon Kusler, Esq., Ph.D., 2012-2017

Professional Short Course Review Panel

R. Harold Jones, PWS, Emeritus, Committee Chair, 2012-2015
James Wakeley, Ph.D., PWS
Janet Morlan, PWS
Scott W. Jecker, CWB, PWS
Steve Walls, PWS
Charlie Newling, PWS
Alice Allen Grimes, PWS


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