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SWSPCP Committees

2023/2024 Executive Board

Ellen Hartig, SPWS President
Robert McInnes, PWS Immediate Past President
Nancy Lin, PWS President Elect
Robbyn Myers, SPWS Secretary General
Yvonne Vallette, SPWS Treasurer

Standing Committees

Certification Standards Committee

John Lowenthal, SPWS, Chair, 2021-2023
Patrick M. Frost, Emeritus, 2021-2023
R. Harold Jones, Emeritus, 2019-2022
Kurt Philipp, SPWS, 2021-2023
Robert Shannon, SPWS, 2021-2023

Certification Review Panel

Robert Shannon, SPWS, Panel Chair, 2021-2024
Gregg Antemann, SPWS, 2022-2025
Stephen W. Chu, PWS, 2022-2025
Leandra Cleveland, PWS, 2021-2025
David Davis, SPWS, 2021-2025
Sheri Emerson, PWS, 2022-2025
Donna Jacob, PWS 2023-2026
Lauren Diebel, PWS, 2023-2026
Jason Steele, PWS, 2023-2026

Certification Appeals Board

John Lowenthal, SPWS, Chair 2021-2025
Rhodes Robinson, PWS 2021-2023

Certification Renewal Committee

Patrick M. Frost, SPWS Emeritus, Chair 2021-2024
Paul Anderson, PWS, 2021-2023
Vikki Jackson, PWS, 2023-2026
Robert J. Jontos, Emeritus, 2023-2026
William Kirchner, SPWS, 2023-2026
David G. Purkerson, PWS, 2021-2024
Amy W. Rollins, SPWS, 2021-2024
Don J. Silverberg, SPWS, 2021-2024

Professional Short Course Review Panel

R. Harold Jones, Emeritus, Chair, 2022-2025
Scott W. Jecker, SPWS, 2022-2025
Janet Morlan, Emeritus, 2019 - 2021
Charles Newling, SPWS, 2023 - 2026
Steven Walls, SPWS, 2023 - 2026

Outreach Committee

Sara Kreisel, PWS, Chair 2021-2023
Hung Pham, WPIT 2022-2024
Kyle Runion, WPIT 2022-2024
Yvonne Vallette, SPWS 2021-2023

Ethics Committee

Matthew Schweisberg, SPWS, Chair, 2021 - 2024
Pat Frost, SPWS Emeritus, 2021 - 2023
John Lowenthal, SPWS, 2021 - 2023
Janet Nunley, PWS, 2021 - 2024
Gillian Davies, PWS, 2022-2023
Amy Rollins, SPWS, 2021 - 2024
Rob Shannon, SPWS, 2021 - 2023

Nomination Committee

Rob McInnes, PWS, 2024-2025
Robbyn Myers, SPWS, 2021-2024
Leandra Cleveland, PWS, 2021-2023
Matt Simpson, June 2021 – June 2024
John Lowenthal, SPWS 2020-2023

Awards Committee

Robbyn Myers, SPWS, Chair, 2018-2021
Stephen Chu, PWS, 2018-2021
Paul Julian, PWS, 2018-2021
Pam Tennison-Rindt, PWS, 2018-2021

Globalization Committee

Matthew Simpson, PWS, Chair
Shuqing An, PWS
Gillian Davies, PWS
R. Harold Jones, Emeritus
Sara Kreisel, PWS
John Lowenthal, SPWS
Robbyn Myers, SPWS
Kurt Philipp, SPWS
Kimberli Ponzio, SPWS

Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee

Ellen Hartig, SPWS 2022-2023
Gillian Davies, PWS, 2021-2023
Robert McInnes, PWS, 2021-2024

DEI Committee

Swapan Paul, PWS, Co-Chair, 2021-2024
Kimberli Ponzio, SPWS, Co-Chair, 2021-2024
Edward J. Avizinis, SPSS, PWS, 2024-2025
Ellen Hartig, SPWS 2022-2023
Marcus D. Hope, PWS, 2024-2026
Sara Kreisel, PWS, 2022-2024
Jason Sean Lancaster, CEP, CE, PWS, TN-QHP, 2024-2026
Nancy Lin, PWS, 2023-2026
Joanne Ling, PWS, 2021-2025
Amy L. Noel (Smith), PWS, 2024-2025
Alani Taylor, PWS, 2021-2026
Anna Weaver, WPIT, 2022-2025
Scott Zengel, Ph.D., PWS, 2024-2027
Advisor: President (Ellen Hartig) (2024–2026) Advisor: Past President (Rob McInnes) (2021–2024) Advisor: President-Elect (Nancy Lin) (2023–2026)

Finance Committee

Yvonne Vallette, SPWS, Chair, 2021-2025
Two other members TBD

Ad Hoc Website Committee

Patrick Ritchie, PWS, Chair, 2023-2024

SWS SWSPCP Representative

Christine VanZomeren, WPIT

CESB Representative

Kurt R. Philipp, SPWS, 2018-2024

Public Member

Marla Stelk, 2020-2025


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