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Professional Short Courses

The Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program has developed a process to provide existing and future certified wetland scientists with certainty that a particular professional short course will qualify as part of the additional or ongoing education requirements. To help applicants ensure that professional short courses will be accepted by the Certification Review Panel and the Certification Renewal Committee, proponents (sponsors) of said courses may apply to the Professional Short Course Pre-Approval Program to have their courses evaluated and pre-approved. Such approval provides certain predictability that the course offered will receive credit or points, as appropriate, by applicants seeking PWS certification or certification renewal. A list of pre-approved professional short courses is provided below.
Questions? Contact R. Harold Jones, PWS, Emeritus

You can read more about this effort in Section 33 of the Standing Rules

The following is intended to provide the short course providers the information they need to qualify their short courses for this program.
You can either download a paper form or you can do everything on line.

Current Pre-approved Courses

Click Here for a list of SWSPCP pre-approved Professional Short Courses.

On line process

The online process is broken into two parts.
First the prospective Professional Short Course provider must register and complete the payment process.
Professional Short Course Provider Registration
Second after the provider's registration is approved and they receive their unique Provider Code, the provider then completes an application for each Professional Short Course that they want to get approved.
Professional Short Course Application.
SWS Webinar Series Application

Approved providers can go HERE to make their renewal payment.

Downloadable forms.


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