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The Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program, serving the public's need to identify qualified individuals to assess and manage wetland resources around the world.
This program is intended to meet the needs of professional ecologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, educators, agency professionals, consultants, and others who practice wetland science.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
SWSPCP has created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement. More

You can see all the upcoming events on the Event Calendar.

New Members

SWSPCP proudly welcomes the following people who have become members in the last 30 days.
Johnathan Shelman as a Professional Wetland Scientist.
Ed Kirk as a Professional Wetland Scientist.
Hunter Wines as a Upgrade from WPIT to PWS.
Joseph Saler as a Professional Wetland Scientist.
Amy Smith as a Professional Wetland Scientist.

SWSPCP proudly welcomes the following international members.

Shuqing An
Héctor Aponte Ubillús
Muhammad Afzal
Tatiana Lobato de Magalhães
Ian Bredin
South Africa
Sylvina Casco
Caolan Harrington

SWSPCP celebrates the certification of 3510 Professional Wetland Scientists and counting!.

Why Become Certified?

The Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program (SWSPCP) is the only widely available wetland scientist certification program with international coverage.
Public Sector Perspective
Academic Perspective

Certification Checklist

Becoming a Professional Wetland Scientist
Requirements of Certification
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Application Forms - View and Download
Certification Renewal vs. Certification Maintenance
   Professional Short Course Pre-Approval Program
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Section 32 of the Standing Rules to view the PSCPP Requirements
PSCPP Announcement
Current Pre-approved Courses

About SWS

SWS logo The Society of Wetland Scientists was formed to further non-profit scientific and educational objectives related to wetland science, thus encouraging and strengthening professional standards in all activities related to wetland science. The Society deleloped this program for certification of wetland science training and experience as a separate not-for-profit corporation.
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About CESB

www.cesb.orgThe SWS Professional Certification Program is accredited by the Council of Engineering and Science Specialty Boards. The Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) is an independent, voluntary membership body created for its member organizations who recognize, through specialty certification, the expertise of individuals practicing in engineering and related fields. Its creation on April 24, 1990 was the culmination of organizing work by volunteers from among the 130 attendees (23 organizations represented) who participated in the April 1988 National Conference on Engineering Specialty Certification.
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Certification Questions?

Contact the SWS Professional Certification Program:
2800 W. Higgins Rd. Suite 440
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
Toll Free: 877.226.9902
Fax: 847.885.8393

Program Manager
Adrianna Borczyk

Rob McInnes, PWS, SWSPCP President, Email
Gillian Davies, PWS, SWSPCP Immediate Past President, Email
Ellen Hartig, SPWS, SWSPCP President-Elect, Email
Robert D. Shannon, Ph.D., PWS, Certification Review Chair, Email
Patrick M. Frost, PWS, Certification Renewal Chair, Email
R. Harold Jones, PWS, Emeritus, Professional Short Course Pre-Approval Panel, Chair, Email

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